Cut through the noise &
find your own balance

Life can be pretty overwhelming sometimes.


Despite living in the Information Age with more comfort ever experienced than previous generations, we in the Western World we are suffering from sky-rocketing obesity/diabetes, stress and global ecological breakdown.


All these causes are multi-faceted and different for everyone, however I truly believe that the answers to our physical, mental and environmental crises are interconnected. 

Humanity has accomplished an awful lot over the last 200 years. Yet so much of our day-to-day has become overly-complicated and out of balance with our natural way of living, to the detriment of our physical and mental wellbeing.


It is time to re-wild and reconnect.


I had no idea at the time that my food and activity choices were completely overwhelming my senses throughout adolescence.

My cringe-worthy lack of confidence and self-doubts fed off of comfort food and numbing intoxication. By spending most of my time in my head over-analysing situations and coming up with disastrous hypotheticals, I was often too overwhelmed by analysis paralysis to take action and therefore generate change.

This lack of action left me underwhelmed with life as I allowed emotions to fester instead of being expressed, whilst a lack of activity meant physical tension built up before being expressed  in negative ways.

I was reluctant to accept the connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind. I presumed that my qualities were simply "just me" and that I'd always be like this. 


I was reluctant to accept that I had the power to pull myself out of this fixed mindset, choosing instead to give in to negative thought-patterns whenever resistance presented itself.

I was stuck in a negative feedback loop.


You see, we truly are what we eat and what we tell ourselves; by consistently putting myself down coupled with not looking after my body with proper food and movement I was fulfilling a self-perpetuated prophecy. I felt like crap and so I acted like crap!

This all changed once I accepted that the one-size-fits-all approach to health and wellness does not work. By cutting comparisons and rejecting the notion that we must fit in with the crowd I became empowered to look after my health my own way; with a focus on natural movement and positive interactions with nature to satisfy physical necessities whilst also reducing mental stress.

We all react to foods and movement in different ways just as we all find inspiration from different sources. My programmes are always heart-centred and client-led, ensuring you are inspired to not only spark a change in your life, but also sustain it over the long-term.

By breaking away from the norm and establishing your own balance in life you will:

- improve energy and focus levels

- redefine your relationship with food and movement

- build a toolkit to reduce stress and overwhelm

- gain clarity on life goals and purpose

- improve life satisfaction

- rekindle relationships with community and self

Pic 2.jpg

Making these initial changes can be a challenge and I can guarantee that obstacles will present themselves, physically and mentally. This is where a coach can become the game changer to ensure your actions are aligned with your values whilst you adapt to the lifestyle that is truly sustainable for you.

By going back to basics and re-establishing your unique life balance you have the ability to reach your full potential.

"If you'd like to follow your passion but haven't yet fostered one, you must start at the beginning: discovery"

- Angela Duckworth


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