My passions revolve around sustainability. Not just living sustainably for the planet, but also taking a sustainable approach to the work/life balance.

​​My own journey through this process was by no means linear.

Poor energy and low motivation throughout adolescence reinforced my self-doubts and toxic internal dialogue. At the time I was reluctant to accept the connection between an unhealthy body and an unhealthy mind. Only through life experience and self acceptance did I learn the importance of a holistic approach to physical and mental fitness. 

Developing a positive relationship with food, exercise and the natural world helped me to re-establish myself.

Only by giving my mind and body the attention and respect they deserve did I break out of my negative mindset and begin to live in synchronicity with my values.​

Only by employing self-compassion did I break away from the societal all-or-nothing approach to fitness and begin to see movement as nourishment for my body, not punishment.

Choosing the path of a coach I am now on a mission to help clients discover the lifestyle that is sustainable for them. To inspire others to take control of their future and put the steps in place to create more time, energy and focus for the things that matter to them.

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