You can't control your past

The future is in your hands


I work with people who want to put the foundations in place to achieve long-lasting change - be it in their health, career or relationships. My clients are curious as to how adopting a sustainable lifestyle could lead to more energy, more time, greater resilience and overall life satisfaction.

It's easy to feel overburdened by the pressures of modern society. To try and "fit in" with the expectations advertised to us whilst holding down high-pressure jobs and providing the best we can for our family in an uncertain world. By breaking the mould and not settling for mediocrity, by tuning in to their passions and capabilities, my clients redefine their purpose before striving to get the most out of life.


No two people are the same and this diversity is to be celebrated

Optimal health is about our overall satisfaction from the core areas of our lives - love & relationships; career & purpose; money; connection to nature; relationship with self. I love getting to know each of my clients on a personal level to learn how we all find enjoyment from different activities and what success means for each individual.

“If you want to change the emotion,

you have to change the motion”

- Tony Robbins


We are all on a personal health journey - your goals may be big or they may be small, but they are yours and you deserve the structure and support to celebrate your successes along the way.

The fundamentals for good health have not changed since the dawn of human evolution. It is our changed environment that has created the current physical & mental health challenges we are in the midst of.

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“From the start Simon made me feel at ease and after our sessions I was able to loose weight without going on a single diet and maintain the loss with ease. Simon's sessions gave me lots of positive reinforcement and a framework to help me identify the changes I wanted to make.

With his guidance I have become more organised and in control of my life which has not only reduced my stress levels but also had a positive impact on those around me and my relationships.”

- Laura, Teacher